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Speaking + Interviews

"Steven brings a raw style that is sure to inspire at the core level"

Steven is known for his interactive style, using questions that break through the noise and awaken curiosity.

Dedicated to helping rising stars embrace their ambition and make a positive impact in the world, he helps leaders and entrepreneurs around the world to LIVEBIG.

2022 Keynote Presentations

The LIVEBIG Project

Regardless of where you’ve been in the past or the fears that may be holding you back, this is a can’t-miss keynote that will leave you fired up to set big goals and tackle them. For yourself, your community, and the world we all share, it’s time to ‘Live Big’!

EXPEDITION: Achievement

Youth and Young Adult Motivational Series 

Explore your greatest vision of an awesome life. Set and accomplish massive goals and take action now with tools to take charge of your future today. It’s up to you to decide where your path will lead, no matter what odds are against you. Stop this waiting game, take charge of your life and turn one day into day one!

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