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Why Vision Is Vital


A vision is your idea of your best life, and it is absolutely possible. It is not magic or mystery, but actually comes from a very real awareness of our potential.

Observing your values, challenges, and passions shines light on who you are. The process can help you clarify a vision that is compelling, energizing, and builds confidence while you drive forward.

The more time we spend contemplating our vision, the closer our relationship becomes with the ideas surrounding it, the more clarity you will have. Your vision of the best life is something that is so rooted in who you are, that as a creative entrepreneur it is vital in delivering your best.

The more we learn about ourselves and the world around us, the stronger our vision becomes. It takes time to create a vision that is unique to ourselves, because it is not static. Vision is dynamic, fluid, formed and changed by the experience of life and the pursuit of knowledge. It takes a deep awareness of who we are and the values that we hold.

Vision is not a destination, but a potential. It is a beacon and each discovery that we make in relation to our values makes it shine brighter. We can choose to learn from the experiences we have, and shed light on what we most want to accomplish and experience in this life. With each experience, we can grow our vision. With focused effort it becomes clear, though it is subject to change as we grow as individuals.

Every vision is unique and every path to achieve this vision is distinct from the next. What is most amazing about your vision is that while much stands between you and that distant view, it is bigger that the trials along the way.

Focus on the view. Look through the fog, across the valleys, and see yourself realizing that vision. Daydream about what it looks like. Study the possibilities. Write about how it can become your reality. When the going get's tough, know that it is out there.

It IS possible. ๐ŸŒŽ Let's make it happen.

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