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The True Value Of Time

What is the value of time? That is actually a simple question to answer.

It's our most precious asset, and something we will not ever get back. It's running out by the second, and that is a high valuation.

This life is precious, and as someone who wants to make the most of your life, it is your responsibility to take full control of your time. It is the only way to truly get the most out of each second, of the 86,400 in a day.

It is your responsibility to take full control of your time. Click to Tweet!

What could you accomplish if every moment were leading you towards your goals?

What could you achieve if there were no interference, no distractions, and no obstacles?

There will be challenges. How these challenges impact your goals is in large part, decided by you. The first step is to eliminate distractions.

One of the simplest things you can do to maximize your use of time, is to eliminate the things that are not getting you closer to your goals. While simple, this is often one of the most difficult steps: The start. That first step, the choice to abandon the activities that prolong your accomplishment, will have resounding impact on your life. It's also uncomfortable. That is why the vast majority, never make this decision. It requires you to let go of the comforts, like friends who make unhealthy choices. While these friends may praise you for you, they may also criticize you for becoming better, for becoming more. This is your life. Not theirs.

Your life means your terms. Make room in your day, by cutting out the less productive use of time. Fill this void with activities that help you expand.

Develop what's called the growth mentality. This is the mindset of leaders, and highly successful people. In nature, there is no stagnation. Even rocks are moving all the time! When we let time become idle, we invite stagnation, which just doesn't fit. It leads to depression, lack of self esteem, and diminished confidence.

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People with a growth mentality fill their time with activities that are constructive. They use their time with intention. Highly successful people account for every minute their day. This is not because they were born with scheduling skills. It's because they asked the question, "What is the ideal use of this time? Is what I'm doing moving me closer to my goals?".

Successful people do everything with purpose. Resting, writing, recreation, and the hard work. They know that minutes matter.

The value of time is priceless. Nothing comes close to it's high demand, and short supply. Life is too fragile and too short, to invest these moments into anything but excellence. Move away from those who fill their days with simply existing, or perpetuating a cycle that does not grow. Distance yourself from the things that don't make you feel exceptional about the direction you're heading in life.

Then, claim your future. Design a life on your own terms and take action to make it happen.

It's up to you to choose greatness, so let's make it happen!


1. In your journal or on a clean sheet of paper draw a line down the middle. Think of some common uses of time that have held you back.

2. In one column, write down 5 things you have been spending time on, that are not actively supporting your growth.

3. In the other column, write down 5 alternative ways to use this time, that will help you grow and bring you closer to your goals.

4. In the comments, share one of your alternatives!

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