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The Secret Power Of Visualization

A strong will can push through most anything, but a strong vision will pull you.

A vision is your version of ultimate success. It is an individual's interpretation of what the future holds, what fulfillment in life means, and what success means to them. It is not magic or mystery, but a very real awareness of our potential. The more we learn about ourselves and the world around us, the stronger our vision becomes. It takes time to create a vision that is unique to ourselves, because it is not static. Vision is dynamic, fluid, formed and changed by the experience of life and the pursuit of knowledge. It evolves as we grow. It takes a deep awareness of who we are and the values that we hold. With clarity and consistent focus, the biggest visions can be broken in to goals, and accomplished.

Vision will pull you, like gravity pulls the river.

Vision Is Not A Destination. Like a lighthouse to a sailor on a foggy night, a vision is a beacon through the unknown. Each discovery that we make about who we are and what success means to us, makes it shine brighter. We can choose to learn from the experiences we have, and shed light on what we most want to accomplish and experience in this life. With each experience, we can grow our vision. With focused effort it becomes clear, though it is subject to massive changes as we grow.

Every vision is unique and every path to achieve this vision is distinct from the next. What is most amazing about your vision is that while much stands between you and that distant view, it is bigger than the trials along the way. Focus on the view. Look through the fog, across the valleys, and see yourself realizing that vision. Daydream about what it looks like. Study the possibilities. Write about how it can become your reality. When the going gets tough, know that it is out there, and that it is possible.

Action Steps: Visualize Success

In your journal or on a notebook, put a pen to paper. Think about what success means to you and describe it. The act of writing turns your thoughts into something you can touch, see, and refer to when you need a reminder. I do this every morning in a journal, constantly revisiting my vision and expanding as I learn more each day. No matter what the day brings or the surprises I find, my days are always begun with attention to the bigger picture. Keeping that vision in focus eases challenging decisions as the day goes on, because we are always looking for the best option to make that vision a reality.

You can take it a step further. Collect media in a way that works for you, fits into your routines, and reminds you what to focus on when you feel burdened. Vision boards are great, but only if you interact with them on a regular basis. Most vision boards offer a powerful exercise, that loses influence due to lack of focus, as it hangs on the wall.

For some, a poster collage of images may be just the thing. At times when I feel foggy, I'll hang words on my office wall that describe my vision. Today, my vision can be seen every time I look at my phone. My screen wallpaper changes hourly, presenting a different image that illustrates my vision. I keep these pictures in a folder on my phone. Now and then I'll take the time to browse through as well, reminding myself of what it looks like to succeed.

Create a method that inspires you and focus on making your ideas happen. What does success look like to you? Share in the comments!

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