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Position Yourself For Massive Success In 2021

Action is what gets results. There is no debate about that, but in order to take the action that gets our best results, one must be in the right place at the right time.


Or, as Oprah put it, "Luck is preparation meeting opportunity." True success never shows up to those who wait. It comes to those who take persistent action towards focused objectives, with a clear understanding of how it all comes together. This is what's called your vision, and it's something that ALL successful people have. For a tool to help you gain clarity on your perspective, be sure to find the VISION WORKBOOK in the free resources section of my website. This is just one example of the action you can take to get the results you want, once you identify what it is you want.


If you fail to prepare for your own success, you will be the subject of the preparations of others. Take a look at the people you are spending the most time around. Look specifically at the 5 people you spend the most time with. It's a difficult question to answer, but are these people making you feel exceptional, encouraging you, holding you accountable, and pushing you to improve? If the answer is no, let me ask you this: If you could choose anyone, who would you choose to be in your inner circle, that would challenge you, and push you to grow? What qualities and characteristics do they have that earn them the position at your table? Surround yourself with those who empower your mission and encourage you to embrace challenges, push the edge, and won't let you off the hook if you fall short. Associate yourself with those who are leading the way at things you care about, and doing the things you want to do.

It can be a challenge to move from one environment to the next, along the way, there is a void where the old influences were. It's a close encounter with fear for many, but success is something you have to earn. Success MUST be earned. It is the only way success can be attained. This is why people who come across large sums of money, almost always lose it within a couple years. They never earned it by improving their value, so they don't have the capacity to maintain it. To remedy the disconnect, we must make success a habit.


Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is write my goals and aspirations down on paper. In the evening, I review these statements. I do this because after studying many successful people, goal writing and daily focus routines are a part of every successful person's regimen, and when I adopted it as a habit for myself, I noticed immediate results in my life and business. I made it a habit. When you make your most influential actions habitual, you are literally programming yourself for improvement.


Close to my heart, is the thrill of adventure, but not for the adrenaline. It's because of the growth. In the turmoil of my youth, it was outdoor adventure that provided separation, allowing improved perspective and lending me the ability find my direction, despite the storm clouds that often blocked out the sun. When we step away from what we know, position ourselves beyond our comfort zone, we can't help but expand. We expand in our thinking, our creativity, formulation of ideas, and capacity to take direct and precise action. The perspective that comes with the pursuit of adventure will shed light on your options. Opportunities, and things you hadn't considered, or possibly even comprehend, reveal themselves to you. This is because you act, go beyond where you are familiar, and maintain a focused, yet open mind. I encourage you to incorporate elements of adventure into your lifestyle, at least weekly. I frequently alternate my workout routines to include trail runs, river swims, new gyms, or people. This is a way I've found to implement adventure into my life daily, because of the impact it makes on my results. If nothing else, plan weekly outings in advance, so that when that day comes along, you are prepared to embrace your adventure as part of your pursuit of success.


Grant Cardone reminds us that "Success is our duty, obligation, and responsibility." That's a powerful statement. There is no reason to hinder results, other than the ones we choose for ourselves. These are called excuses, also known as reasons, why things cannot be accomplished. For every excuse, there is a reason why it can be accomplished. They are often both valid, and it is up to the individual alone to choose one over the other. Before these objectives can be accomplished, limitations must be removed. This means that compromise, is a recipe for failure.


Instead, sacrifice those things that are not 100% in alignment with what success means to you.

The people, places and things that bring out our best, are the objects that belong in our surroundings, but in reality there is no such thing as a closed-loop system. What this means for us, is that the position we adopt to nurture our success, is not something we do and forget about. It is a daily practice. Challenges come, and opportunities come too. Remember, preparation and opportunity. Will you be ready? Find someone you can talk to, like a coach or mentor, who can help you make the right decision based on the results you want. This is important because you will experience setbacks, obstacles, and challenges, and you must push through them with the same focus, the same consistency, and the same determination that feels amazing when we experience achievement.

No one said this was easy, but few persist to learn how great the rewards will be. Be the few!

What are your thoughts?

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