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ATTENTION:  This is not your typical personal or professional development program and I'm not here to impress you. There are countless coaches, celebrities and so-called experts out there who will gladly take your money. If you value the comfort of thinking about your dreams more than the outcome of realizing them, please don't waste our time and click the back button on your browser. 

However, if you are committed to living at your highest capacity and actualizing your human potential - even when it's tough - then I encourage you to find comfort in the commitment and integrity of the LIVEBIG Private Coaching Program I have created. To do so is to embark on the most rewarding, fulfilling, and profitable adventure that anyone can take. You can and will achieve exactly what you intend to achieve, I'm here to make sure your climb is as valuable and  meaningful as possible, even if you don't like what I have to say. In this program, outcomes are our focus because your best life is my top priority.

I have dedicated my life to sustainable lifestyle business design and a practical understanding of the greatest risks associated with entrepreneurship and self mastery. I have faced the biggest risks and even dangers along the way to a rich and abundant life. I have documented the climb from rural middle-class America to the top 1% of earners, and given it all away more than once to prove to myself that it is the person I have become and not the businesses I have built. I have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaches, programs and resources claiming to pave the way to real results. I have tested my ambition and capabilities with no money, no food, and no hand outs in places I have never been in and out of my own country. I have experimented with the tactics of histories greatest influencers including prolonged fasting and days of meditation and isolated the true value so that I may teach how this kid with a history of depression, learning disabilities, and no experience,  still comes out on top.

I promise that the life you dream of is absolutely possible, but I won't sugar-coat the challenges.

As your mentor, I consider it my responsibility to know the risks my students and clients face when they step into the unknown with my support - no matter the cost - and it has become my honor to offer the promise of total support in your journey and the exact steps to achieve your best results. When I offer support, connections and strategies to turn your vision into reality, I do so with first-hand experience of the ugliness of this industry. I was blown away when I saw who some of the top influencers celebrated in the public eye, truly are. Through all the bad advice, irrelevant information, doubt, loss and ridicule, egos, frauds and smoke and mirrors, integrity is rare.
I've sifted through the entrepreneurial sand to separate what works from what doesn't and am committed to those who really want to know what it takes to LIVEBIG, no matter what other people are doing. Even when there is nobody watching, I do whatever it takes so my students stay clear of the pitfalls and consistently build momentum down the path to their own vision, dreams and potential -  not mine. 
I read every application and email. My clients' best results are my absolute priority. If you feel called to embark on the most rewarding journey of your lifetime and reach your destination, let's make it happen.

Feel free to email any questions to
The LIVEBIG Private Mentorship Price is $4400
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Greatest regards,
Steven Norrell
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