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Consulting & Business Services

Precision strategies for unsurpassed lifestyle business growth.

Business Strategy & Development


Create laser-targeted marketing strategies that increase revenue. Boost sales and brand exposure by maximizing growth from within your business. Our diversified campaigns are guaranteed to deliver results for your company because we know how to convert your vision into revenue. Building a business isn't easy and our consultants have decades of experience at the cutting edge of entrepreneurship.  Our goal is to see you succeed beyond your expectations.  This why we've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours to insure that our services and techniques define the cutting edge of 21st century business development. We're here to help you turn your vision into reality. If you're ready for growth in your business, let's make it happen!

Administrative Structure

Business Planning + Structure

Strategic Development

Internal + External Collaboration

Product + Service Development

Cash Flow + Investment Structure

Operations + Logistics

Production + Distribution

Risk Management

Sales + Lead Generation

Business Strategy

Complete Social Media

Every day, 2 billion people are active on Facebook alone, but social media is bigger than your favorite online social platform.  Social media can be described as the current state of the internet. With the click of a button, strategic campaigns connect businesses and their offerings to the people who want and need them. Complete Social Media begins with carefully-placed multimedia content and management of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but this is only the beginning. We are excited to deliver the cutting edge of marketing to the front lines of your business.  Our team is constantly applying the most recent, results-driven strategies that turn online traffic into paying customers and clients.

Account Management

Analysis + Assessment

Management Optimization
Operational  Design

Process Design

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Brand Recognition

Tell the story that only you can for your professional identity and business. Create an ornately designed brand that your potential customers, and clients can't help but want to follow.  Define aspects of your message that trigger engagement. It starts with an intimate understanding of your segment of the market. Advanced research strategies uncover psychological triggers that motivate your audience and inspire them to engage with your company. This laser focus instantly boosts efficiency of your marketing efforts, minimizing wasted time and guaranteeing results for the energy you put towards brand awareness. Your brand identity is more than a picture on the wall, it is a living and changing entity. Place this story at the fingertips of an eager audience with the right platforms, and you can be sure that your company is known for holding the cutting edge in your niche.

Brand Development

Brand Identity
Company Culture

Customer Service

Direct Marketing

Experiential Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Personal Branding

Public Relations

Relationship Management


Creative Production

Our team is filled with Writers, Creatives, Videographers and Social Media Creatives which work to accomplish the strategies needed for the maximum results for our clients. The most effective strategy for the growth of your business depends on digital media of all kinds. From writing, video and audio engineering, to graphic production, podcast management, and more, the LIVEBIG team brings everything you need to present your company's message through multimedia.

Branded Entertainment

Content Creation

Content Management

Copy Writing

Digital Production

Digital Media

Graphic Design


Online Optimization

Our team shows you how to leverage the internet for optimal results. Automate essential processes within your business using online tools, and drive your revenue by putting your resources where it counts. There are more tools and resources available today than ever before thanks to the incredible power of the internet.  It's time to harness this power, by establishing your business on the right platforms, so that you spend less energy getting in front of more qualified customers.


Cloud Management

Consumer Engagement

Platform Development

Online Real Estate

Search Engine Optimization

Virtual Communications

Brand Awareness
Online Optimization
Coaching & Training

The LIVEBIG executive team established its roots in Lake Tahoe, California transforming existing, struggling ventures into thriving enterprises that exemplify the potential of a lifestyle business.  Proprietary strategic assessments support multichannel business solutions, highlighting each team member's executive strengths and building relationships across multiple industries. The strength and breadth of these relationships across the agency ensures LIVEBIG Consulting can act as an autonomous extension of existing teams, or replace internal operations and management organizations entirely.

Meet The Team

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