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Welcome to The LIVEBIG Project

The LIVEBIG Project is the movement of entrepreneurs creating a sustainable world. We are the driven ones. We are builders, makers and creators committed to improving our craft and the world we live in. People like you are becoming millionaires every day by solving the world's problems with inspiring ideas, living world-class lifestyles and making a world-class impact.


Hello!   I am Steven Norrell

I am a peak-performance coach, speaker and life strategist.  I have been an agent and consultant for dozens of businesses and helped hundreds of leaders, while running  several businesses of my own. My team and I help clients master their mindset, drive brand awareness in the marketplace and make an impact in the world!

One based on Vision and Core Values!


At 19-years-old I was hopeless and broke after years of leading outdoor programs and struggling with ADHD, bipolar and depression. I was a teacher and invested everything to launch my first business. We grew to multiple 6-figures while I was still in college. That's just part of the story, check out my content to learn more!

My mission is to help leaders - especially kids - turn their ideas into reality.

I have  experience because I tried everything before uncovering the fundamental keys to focus, productivity and lasting fulfillment, all while living my ideal lifestyle and running a successful business on my own terms. We are in a new era and my top priority is leading clients to create massive change in their own life and quickly grow their businesses.

I offer one-of-a-kind growth experiences,  coaching, speaking, and business services.

I'm inspired
 to enrich the planet with entrepreneurship, adventure, and education - as much as I can while I'm here.

If you can relate, I would love to hear what you're up to!

Yours in Greatness,

     Steven Norrell

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